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My Love for you is Evermore

You're working your dream job as a part of the famous Public Relations team at Evermore Consulting. You've been building your career for two years now, but you’ve yet to land a groundbreaking account. That is, until Hiro Tachi, Japan’s biggest break-out pop star, came into the picture. The twist? You used to date Hiro before he was famous, and now he's specifically requesting your services. His good boy gone bad image is in need of repair. Can you really work with someone you've had feelings for though? When you're faced with the choice, your work rival Minoru pipes up trying to steal the account! Do you work with him together on it or take it for yourself? Or do you let him have it and work on something else? There's also a famous hotel renovation you could assist Daichi on, and the Exec of the department Kyosuke is in need of a partner too. The choice is yours! And after that, the choices just keep coming.. will you have a dramatic love story or a serene romance? Be careful what you decide because if you make too many wrong turns you may not get your happily ever after.

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Snowkissed Romance

It's your winter vacation, and you're all set to visit Northern Japan with your BFF at your Aunt's newly renovated ski resort! You'll be soaking in the hot springs and meeting hot ski instructors in no time! Or so you thought... Everything changes when your older brother shows up with his three friends to crash the trip! But, wait... These 3 guys... You seem to have some lost memories from your childhood with them. Which of them was your true love back then and who was just a silly childhood crush? Make choices to discover new endings, receive calls and texts from the characters, and fall in love! Snowkissed Romance is the perfect light-hearted romance read.